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Hiload is the best proxy on the web to unblock any websites on the internet, no matter if it has been blocked by your goverment, internet service provider or you network administrator. Hiload is here to break this barrier. We have more than 5 years experience in the proxy buisness and know what you want. Thats why we have developed a unique web proxy like no other in the world specially for your needs. Simply use hiload to securely deliver the website you want to visit thru our secure servers. Hilaod has a high number of working media sites like YoutTube(Vevo, quaility selection), Vimeo, Ebaumsworld, Chilloutzone, Dailymotion, Metacafe, College Humor, Funny or Die, Veoh and a lot more ;).


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List of working media sites:

Torrent sites

Youtube Proxy

Hilaod is specially designed to unblock 99% all Youtube videos. We even go further and give the user the ability to select the video quality and download the video file.

HTML5 Proxy Video Support

Cross browser support is very important for no mater if you are using a pc, mac, tablet or a mobile phone. On Hiload web proxy every video will work no matter which device you use. If your browser does not support HTML5 don't worry you will still be able to use hilaod with our flash player.

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